Eliza Jones
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Eliza Jones

Areas of Practice:
Government & Private Payor Reimbursement Claims Defense
Business Litigation
Healthcare Compliance, Regulatory Matters, HIPAA, Peer Review, and Managed Care
Employment Law
General Corporate and Business Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Healthcare Law

States Licensed:

About Eliza Jones:
Mrs. Eliza Jones began her career working as a computer security expert and programmer at a national laboratory, prior to attending law school. Due to similarities in the thought processes and analysis required, she naturally transitioned to legal work related to business transactions, contracts, regulatory frameworks, and information privacy. She also has experience in estate planning and litigation.

Mrs. Jones enjoys difficult intellectual challenges, and is also a “people person.” Her prior work experience in both human resources for a nonprofit and business development for a federal contractor facilitated her interest in employment, disability, and marketing matters.

Mrs. Jones is motivated to provide actionable legal counsel to her clients to ease business and professional burdens. She also harbors a deep, personal appreciation for healthcare providers and physicians, desiring to facilitate their provision of quality healthcare to the community.

When not at work, Mrs. Jones enjoys gardening, sewing, and practicing her marksmanship. She lives in Knoxville with her husband and her dog, “Velcro.” She currently serves on the board of the Knoxville Technology Council.